Living out Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God


I find it interesting that we are to praise God in all that we do, yet, too few of us truly know what praise really is when it come to giving God praise.

We are all too willing to offer praise to others when we think it will make us look good. We are all too willing to accept praise when it really isn’t merited, and we are all too eager to be elevated and seek praise for anything and everything that we do.

It is sad that all too often we fail to praise the One who made us, the One who gave us grace and mercy through His Son, Jesus, and the One who has always been the only one worthy of praise.

It is easy to forget that our praise is exalting to God. Praise lifts up. It honors. It raises in rank. In fact, the word exalt is defined as praise. Exaltation means to glorify. It means to elevate.

How can we, as the Body of Christ, make glorifying God our priority when we seem to be stuck in our daily lives simply trying to get by? How can we use the daily events to glorify the one who is worthy of all glory?

How can we exalt God?


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